Best Complete Bullet Journal Space Theme

Best Complete Bullet Journal Space Theme

Best Complete Bullet Journal Space Theme

Looking for some awesome bullet journal ideas?

Here’s a beautiful bullet journal space theme that you will love!

You can use this for your May bullet journal theme or for any other month.

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It’s a wonderful complete collection by the talented @bujoandcookies with a bullet journal cover, monthly spread, habit trackers, mood trackers and weekly layout ideas that you will inspire you immediately.

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You can easily find the best bullet journal ideas and inspirations in neatly organised categories HERE 🙂


Before diving in, I would like to share with you the materials that I wish someone had shared with me when I first started my bullet journal journey(tongue twister haha) instead of the overpriced books and markers that the pros always recommend.

Getting these good basics tools will allow you to explore and find out if you like bullet journalling without spending a bomb. Plus, they can last you for quite awhile. 

  1. I use this notebook now, which is a good but cheaper(less than half the price) alternative to the popular favourite Leuchtturm1917
  2. These colorful markers have a broad tip and fine tip that you can use for most of your decorations. My favourite!
  3. These stencils are less than $10 and there are 20pcs of all kinds of shapes that you can play around with. Super fun.

Yup, that’s all you need for a start! 

p.s. Don’t say we didn’t share- NOW WILL BE A GREAT TIME to stock up on things you want to buy on Amazon (including your bullet journal supplies!) because they are having a great sale!

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What is Bullet Journal

If you’re a bullet journal beginner and not sure what bullet journal is, you can start here.

Bullet Journal Space Theme

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

This is such a cute space galaxy theme!

space bullet journal cover

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

Next, here’s the monthly calendar. ( Scroll down for the step by step tutorial for the planets and rocket doodles!)

space bullet journal monthly spread

And another cute monthly layout if you are tracking other items like instagram and youtube followers.

bullet journal monthly page

Habit Tracker

And we loveeee this habit tracker!

bullet journal habit tracker

Mood Tracker

Make use of all the doodles and use the stars for your mood tracker!

You can label each star in your favourite colors.

space mood tracker

Bullet Journal Doodles

Here are the doodles that have been used in this complete bullet journal space theme!

How to draw Earth

how to draw earth

How to draw Saturn

how to draw planet

How to draw Rocket

how to draw rocket

How to draw UFO

how to draw spaceship

How to draw Moon

how to draw planet

How to draw more planet and space doodles

Here are several more space doodles that you can use to decorate!

bullet journal doodles

Things to do

It’s always a good idea to have a Things to Do page to see them in a glance

bullet journal things to do

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Four different weekly spreads that you can use for the whole month!

bukllet journal weekly spread
bullet journal weekly cover
weekly spread
bullet journal space weekly journal

Meal Tracker

Here is a meal tracker spread for those who are tracking their diets!

bullet journal meal planner
bullet journal meal plan

Bullet Journal Quote

Bullet journal quotes page that are in a space theme

bullet journal quote
bullet journal quotes
bullet journal quote

Feel free to repin the ones you like for easy reference and remember to subscribe to us to receive your monthly FREE bullet journal inspirations email 1 week before every new month! 

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p.s. Remember to stock up on things you need (including your bullet journal supplies!) as Amazon is having a great sale! 🙂

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