February Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

February Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Front Cover Ideas for February

It’s February.

Are you guys having a great start to the new year so far?

If you are, that’s awesome.

And if you aren’t, below are some helpful bullet journal spreads that may help. 🙂

We would like you to think of February as the month of LOVE.

Not just for couples, but also if you have not been loving yourself enough, it’s time for some SELF-LOVE.

Self Love

Self-love is so important.

When you start loving yourself, you will feel happier, and believe it or not, the people around you will feel it too, and things will become even better than they’ve ever been.

So if you’ve hardly spent time to love yourself or not sure how to do so, we’ve started off by putting together a few self-care spreads that you can start with! 🙂

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Before diving in, I would like to share with you the materials that I wish someone had shared with me when I first started my bullet journal journey(tongue twister haha) instead of the overpriced books and markers that the pros always recommend.

Getting these good basics tools will allow you to explore and find out if you like bullet journalling without spending a bomb. Plus, they can last you for quite awhile. 

  1. I use this notebook now, which is a good but cheaper(less than half the price) alternative to the popular favourite Leuchtturm1917
  2. These colorful markers have a broad tip and fine tip that you can use for most of your decorations. My favourite!
  3. These stencils are less than $10 and there are 20pcs of all kinds of shapes that you can play around with. Super fun.

Yup, that’s all you need for a start! 

p.s. Don’t say we didn’t share- NOW WILL BE A GREAT TIME to stock up on things you need on Amazon (including your bullet journal supplies!) because they are Amazon is having a great sale!

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What is Bullet Journal

If you’re new and not sure what bullet journal is, you can start here.

Self Care Bullet Journal Spreads

Create this fun self care Bingo game.

Write one favourite thing that you will like to eat or do in each box and colour them in your favourite colour each time you’ve complete it.

Your goal is to colour as many boxes as possible!

Do share with us at the end of Feb how yours looked like! We love using these pens to create them.

We take note of each pin that our followers have tried on Pinterest and would love to see yours too.

Simply follow us here on Pinterest, save any of the pins you like and ‘add photo’ once you’ve tried it! 🙂

self care bullet journal

Or you can use this minimalist mindmap design to list down the things you love.

self care bullet journal spread

Here’s another minimalist self care bullet journal layout you can use.

bullet journal for self care

This simple list form is also a great idea!

bullet journal ideas for self care


We love this cute flower wreath design! You can also use this design for any month you like, just replace the month. 🙂


Vibrant flowers in different shades of red!

feb bullet journal

Pink Hearts Cover Page

This is also a really cute theme for Valentine’s! If you like this theme, you can check out the entire collection here that includes cover page, monthly spreads, weekly layouts and more. 🙂

25+ Best February Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

how about a minimalist cute heart balloon? 🙂

feb bullet journal

Pink Flowers February Cover Page Idea

This ombre pink flowers theme is so beautiful. You can achieve this look using these 2 shades of pink.

If you love pink theme, here are our top favourite pink bullet journal ideas that you will like!


Clean Flower Theme

This clean and attractive design uses 3 colours- green, pink and brown. You can follow this theme with these easy-to-use markers. 🙂


Minimalist February Cover Page

Your February bullet journal cover page will also look nice with this simple theme using just one shade of pink Crayola marker and easy plant doodles that you can try out straightaway!


Another one!

feb bullet journal

Blue Rose Flower February Cover Page

A classy blue rose theme if you don’t want everything in pink. Click here to see the entire collection! 🙂


Ombre February Cover Page Ideas

We always love the ombre effect in all colours. Click here for all the different ombre colour combinations that you will love! 🙂


Cute Heart February Cover Page Inspirations

You may also like these simple pink hearts theme! Here are a few more pink theme ideas that you can check out.


Here’s a matching weekly theme! You can easily achieve this with these fave pink shade markers! 🙂


Purple Theme Bullet Journal Ideas for February

If you love the colour purple, you’re going to love these purple February headers.


Paris Theme Cover Page Ideas for February

Which city do you think of when someone says ‘It’s the City of Love’ ? Paris, of course! Here’s a full collection in Paris theme that you may like!


Mini Hearts Cover Page Ideas

Since it’s the month of love, you can also decorate your february bullet journal with little hearts. Here’s a simple yet pretty one that you can try for yourself today.

Remember to tag us on Pinterest! We would love to see yours. 🙂


Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Are you a fan of minimalist spreads? Here are 2 of our favourites for the month of February. Check out all the other easy and minimalist weekly spreads that you can use here.

bullet journal weekly spread

Dandelion Cover Page Idea

This dandelion design is a classy and elegant bullet journal cover page idea!

bullet-journal-blue-theme 1

Cherry Blossom Cover Page Ideas

Last but not least, we are in love with these cherry blossom creations. If you like them as well, you are going to love these complete beautiful cherry blossom bujo spread ideas for cover page, monthly, weekly spreads and more.

february bullet journal ideas
february bullet journal spread

Cute Robot Theme

If you are into robots, here’s one for you!

feb bullet journal

Hope you like these front cover page ideas for your February bullet journal valentine’s day theme!

Feel free to repin the ones you like for easy reference and remember to subscribe to us to receive your monthly FREE bullet journal inspiration email 1 week before every new month! 

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p.s. Remember to stock up on things you need (including your bullet journal supplies!) as Amazon is having a great sale! 🙂

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