How to draw Christmas stuff step by step

How to draw Christmas stuff step by step

How to draw Christmas stuff

Are you looking for ways on how to draw christmas things easily? You’re in the right place. Here are some fun ways that you can learn how to draw Christmas things step by step.

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Before diving in, I would like to share with you the materials that I wish someone had shared with me when I first started my bullet journal journey(tongue twister haha) instead of the overpriced books and markers that the pros always recommend.

Getting these good basics tools will allow you to explore and find out if you like bullet journalling without spending a bomb. Plus, they can last you for quite awhile. 

  1. I use this notebook now, which is a good but cheaper(less than half the price) alternative to the popular favourite Leuchtturm1917
  2. These colorful markers have a broad tip and fine tip that you can use for most of your decorations. My favourite!
  3. These stencils are less than $10 and there are 20pcs of all kinds of shapes that you can play around with. Super fun.

Yup, that’s all you need for a start! 

p.s. Don’t say we didn’t share- NOW WILL BE A GREAT TIME to stock up on things you want to buy on Amazon (including your bullet journal supplies!) because they are having a great sale!

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What is Bullet Journal

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Cute Christmas doodles

We love Christmas. Everyone is in a festive mood and there are just so many things to look forward to!

Here are all our favourite tutorials to draw all things related to Christmas. Enjoy!

how to draw christmas tree

The first must have for christmas is definitely a christmas tree!

Step 1: Outline a cone shape

Step 2: Add in the jagged lines slightly outside the dotted lines of the cone to get a nice shape of the christmas tree!

Step 3: Add in some jagged edges inside the cone to give the tree a 3D effect

Step: Add in some different shape ornaments as shown below, a star at the top of the tree and color them in your favourite colors! 🙂

how to draw christmas tree

how to draw snowflakes

Step 1: Draw a vertical line and mark its center.

Step 2: Cross the center with two lines. Imagine that it’s a circular pie you want to cut in six equal parts.

Step 3: Add arrows in the centre and corners of the lines to create the ‘arms’ of the snowflake

Step 4: Try drawing all the different types of snowflake! Its really easy and fun! 🙂

how to draw snowflakes

how to draw santa

Next, let’s learn how to draw santa!

There are 2 ways below to draw santa claus.

The first one is a cute fat version and the following one is a skinnier version. haha 😉

how to draw santa

how to draw santa claus

how to draw santa claus

how to draw snowman

Next up, snowman!

We have a few different snowmans here.

When you think of snowman, who do you think of?

Olaf, of course!

Thus we have also added in how to draw Olaf here too. 🙂

how to draw snowman step by step

How cute is the snowman wearing a scarf and beanie?

Tip: You can start by outlining like the number ‘8’ shape and continue from there! 🙂

how to draw snowman easy

how to draw snowman easy

Here’s another cute snowman!

Tip: If you think this snowman is too tall, you can remove the bottom circle(the lower half of the snowman’s body!)

how to draw snowman

how to draw olaf

The trickiest part of drawing Olaf is his face shape.

Draw the dotted outlines as shown below and you will be able to draw Olaf with little trouble!

how to draw olaf

how to draw olaf easy

how to draw olaf

how to draw reindeer

If you are wondering how to draw reindeer antlers, just follow the easy step by steps below!

how to draw reindeer

Here is a way to draw a cute girly reindeer.

You can learn how to draw reindeer eyes like this with 2 lines on the side of its eyes to look like eyelashes!

how to draw reindeer

how to draw elves

Santa’s little helpers. Try drawing this cute little elf!

how to draw elf

how to draw mistletoe

Here’s a step by step on how to draw mistletoe

how to draw mistletoe

how to draw holly

Step 1: draw two dotted ovals as outline for the holly leaves

Step 2: add 3 small equal-sized circles in the centre (one circle at the top and 2 at the bottom)

Step 3: Draw curvy lines within the dotted oval and you can get the shape of the holly leaves!

Step 4: Add a long line with 3 arrows in the middle of each holly leaf and you’re done!

how to draw holly

how to draw nutcracker

We love this detailed yet easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a nutcracker.

Have fun drawing this! 🙂

how to draw nutcracker

how to draw hot chocolate

Yes! The perfect drink for this season. Hot Chocolate yum yum!

Add the candy cane and holly leave on top of a starry cup and it looks all ready for christmas!

how to draw hot chocolate

how to draw fairy lights

There are several cute ways that you can draw fairy lights.

Enjoy this simple tutorial and colour the lights in any colour that you like!

how to draw fairy lights

how to draw wreath

a christmas wreath decorated with christmas ornaments and red ribbon 🙂

how to draw wreath

how to draw christmas pudding

What a cute round christmas pudding!

Tip: You can also draw use this step by step tutorial to draw a christmas ball ornament. Super cute right?

how to draw chrismas pudding

how to draw crackers

Yayyy christmas crackers!

how to draw crackers

How to draw christmas sweaters

how cute are these christmas jumpers? 🙂

How to draw fireplace

how to draw a fireplace with christmas stockings hanging on top

how to draw fireplace

How to draw robin bird

Cute robin bird that is super easy to draw!

how to draw robin

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